Sabrina Vogel


Prior to forming SLC Architect in 2013, Sabrina spent the previous eleven years designing, drawing, and managing high end custom residential projects with Herlong & Associates on the barrier islands surrounding Charleston. Sabrina grew up in a family whose business was construction, giving her a unique understanding of the building process involved in making an architectural design become reality. She jokes that her father “hated architects,” inspiring her to be one that both clients and contractors were excited to work with. She began her journey at Virginia Tech, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2003. Sabrina puts her entire heart into designing dream homes for her clients that they are proud to own and happy to live in.

Q&A with Sabrina

Get to know more about Sabrina’s philosophies and background with these questions from a local custom home builder.

What are your responsibilities as an architect working with a custom home client?2023-03-23T20:54:20-04:00

To meet with clients and listen to their ideas, their dreams, what they want to accomplish and then execute them in a timely manner, for a reasonable cost, and deliver detailed, comprehensive drawings to the builder for construction. Depending on services I am contracted for, I also meet with the entire design and builder team on site during construction for any issues or design changes that may arise.

What are your qualifications for the job (skills, degrees, past experience)?2023-03-23T20:57:34-04:00

I grew up with a background in construction, but received my Bachelor of Architecture (Magna Cum Laude) from Virginia Tech. in 2003. I proceeded to move through the internship and licensing process during my time at Herlong & Assoc. and gained licensure in March of 2010. I worked for various architecture firms every winter and summer of college, came to Herlong after graduation where I gained 10 years experience in custom residential architecture and project management before beginning my own firm a decade ago.

When did you first know that you wanted to work as an architect?2023-03-23T20:58:15-04:00

Since I was very little. As a matter of fact, my grandma had on her refrigerator a crayon floor plan I drew of her home when I was around 8 years old. When I was young, my dad was a contractor, so as a child I grew up just pouring over his blue prints, fascinated by them, and always trying to re-create them. Then in 6th grade I recall stating in a report that I wanted to be an architectural engineer. I held on to this idea until 9th grade when I visited Notre Dame and met with the head of the architecture and engineering departments, and they informed me I needed to choose one as not many schools specialized in that degree. Architecture it was!

What’s the best part of your job?2023-03-23T20:55:37-04:00

Seeing your clients faces light up when they see their dreams coming to reality during construction.

What’s the most challenging part of your job, and how do you meet that challenge?2023-03-23T20:59:00-04:00

Honestly it is probably dealing with the many different architectural review boards. Of course there are a lot of strict wind, earthquake, FEMA, and building codes in our area, but once you learn and implement them over and over, that of course always stays a challenge, but one you get used to. The review boards are all different, with their requirements, zoning regulations, design ideas, etc. and you have to be methodical in reviewing their neighborhood/ island/ jurisdictions design guidelines and doing your best to meet them while also achieving your clients visions. Often I will meet with the review board administrators up front and have very good lines of communication with them which seems to make the process smoother and get everyone on the same page from the beginning.

Are you married? Do you have kids? What do you enjoy doing with your family/friends?2023-03-23T21:00:13-04:00

I am married, and I live on James Island with my husband and our two young children. I love being outdoors, whatever it is…but my favorite hobbies are snowboarding, wakeboarding, going to the beach, deep sea fishing, traveling, cooking, trying new restaurants and foods, and just meeting up with friends around town, out on the boat, etc. My mom and stepdad live in Mt. Pleasant in a home I designed for them and my sister and her family live in Summerville. My husband’s parents also both live in Summerville, so we get together fairly often.

What sets you apart from other architects in the area?2023-03-23T21:01:46-04:00

I like to think it is my background in construction and my desire to be a team player. Like I said, my dad owned a construction company and it’s been a running joke that he “hated architects” because they were often egotistical, drew beautiful but not functional details, or would not listen to a builders ideas, etc. I really strive to be someone that both homeowners and builders alike are equally excited to work with me. I once asked a client why they chose to work with me and her answer was so simple…”you listened to me.” I couldn’t have been happier with that response…I strive to be an architect that listens to my clients and my vendors, suppliers, contractors and puts everyone’s knowledge into what I design.